YMCA Falls Short

Today is July 1st resulting in Head Office breaking its promise to have the backpay issues resolved by 30th of June. It's fair to say that staff are less than impressed and are asking what can be done and what is the next step?

Staff across the state are coming together to ensure they can take these concerns to head office. With the many having one voice, this will tip the balance of control to ensure swim teachers and lifeguards have a say on how they would like to be treated both retrospectively and for the future. This group of employees will look after each other and will nominate leaders to speak to head office. To be included, the staff at all sites should be signing up to become a part of the group that is bringing this change. To the many that have signed up please continue to inform those still in the dark. Also for past staff, there is a weekly option as well.  

Please ensure you have done so by clicking the second link below. 

To see what swim teachers have done in the past have a look here 

To join the group who are coming together to speak up with one voice sign up here