Working Conditions

It can be tricky to have a good understanding of what you're entitlements are whilst at work. Below are some resources to help you best understand what conditions you should expect whilst working in the swimming industry.  Your employer has a duty to inform you of the industrial instruments governing your workplace, and should make accessible to all employees, a copy of their Award or Enterprise Agreement.  

You should never be made to feel uncomfortable about asking about a workplace entitlement and there are protections for employees exercising their workplace rights against adverse action, discrimination or bullying.

If you feel like you are missing out on any of your entitlements please contact us here.

Award Rates

The Award rate increase of 2.5% for 2021 will be applied to all minimum rates from 1st November, 2021.  See the new rates below.

Minimum Rates for the Fitness Industry Award 2010 are updated every year. If you are being paid less than these rates, you are being underpaid. The following tables refer to the minimum adult rates (20yrs+), information for Junior rates can be found below.  Please note, there are further OT rates for full-time & part-time in the complete guide.

Pay guide 3 (2).png

Along with changes to pay rates, allowances have also been updated 

Broken shift allowance - $14.51 and $1.97 per day
First Aid allowance - $2.73 per day
Leading hand allowance - $25.61 - $46.95 depending on number of staff supervised (full time)
Meal allowance - $12.49
Vehicle allowance - $0.86/km (car) or $0.28/km (motorcycle)

Full list of allowances and amounts is included in the award/pay guide.

Junior Wages

Employees under the age of 20 may be paid less by way of Junior Wages under the Fitness Industry Award 2020.  For all the Junior rates for 16 and under, 17, 18, and 19 year old fulltime/part time and casual employees click 

Casual to Part-time Conversion

After recent changes to the Fitness Industry Award 2010, it is now a lot easier and more accessible for swimming teachers to move from casual to part-time.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I required to commit to a certain shift or shifts for an extended period of time?

  • Am I penalised in some way if I miss a shift, or perhaps, multiple of the same shift?

  • Do I know my weekly roster months in advance?

  • Is 25% extra pay worth losing personal leave, annual leave and substantially higher weekend penalty rates?


As swimming teachers we make a commitment to be consistently present for the benefit of our kids. This is also a benefit to our employer, thus the often strict requirements regarding attendance. Swimming teachers should be recognised for their commitment to their kids and their employer by receiving the benefits of part-time employment.

If you would like our help to become part-time, fill out the form below:

Fitness Industry Award

Every swimming teacher who does not work at a swim school with a personalised Enterprise Agreement is employed under the Fitness Industry Award 2020.  This is a recent update following the 4 yearly review of the Fitness Industry Award 2010 and includes variations to Clauses 12, 13, and 19. This Fair Work Commission consolidated modern award incorporates all amendments up to and including 20 November 2020.

The provisions in an Award are the legal minimum for that industry, and therefore, all swimming instructors are entitled to all the provisions in the Fitness Industry Award.

Some of the key provisions are:

  • Part 3 - Types of Employment and Termination of Employment

  • Part 4 - Minimum Wages and Related Matters

  • Schedule B - Classification Structure

Click the link below for access to the updated Fitness Industry Award 2020.

fairwork logo.jpg
Paul Sadler Swimland Enterprise Agreement

The SIA has successfully negotiated the Paul Sadler Swimland Single Enterprise Agreement 2017 which has resulted in highly favourable conditions for all swimming teachers at Paul Sadler Swimland Sites.

These Include:

  • Permanent Part-time employment for all swimming teachers, without compromising flexible working hours

  • Weekend penalty rates

  • Wages up to 15% above Award rates

  • 5 weeks of annual leave per year

  • Paid updates to qualifications

If you work at Swimland and want more information or if you want an Enterprise Agreement at your pool get in contact with us here.

YMCA Victoria 

If you are a swim teacher working at the Y in Victoria you are employed under the YMCA STAFF AGREEMENT 2015 -VICTORIAN YMCA COMMUNITY PROGRAMMING PTY LTD.  This outlines your workplace conditions including types of employment, allowances, along with classifications and pay rates.  This agreement expired in 2018.

Belgravia Leisure

If you are a swim teacher working at a Belgravia Leisure facility you are employed under the Belgravia Leisure Certified Agreement 2003.  This outlines your workplace conditions including types of employment, allowances, along with classifications and pay rates.  This agreement expired in 2006 and is well overdue for re-negotiation.  Contact the SIA to make sure you're receiving the minimum legal entitlements.