PSS Response falls short

On the 13th of January the SIA met with PSS management to present and discuss the log of claims (list of main concerns that employees want to see fixed in the new agreement).

This claim incorporated the views of hundreds of PSS employees including detailed contributions from more than 120 surveys.

Whilst there were a number of issues that were put forward, the main issues were as follows:

  1. Penalty Rates back for weekend work - The Award (Minimum) is 1.25 for Saturday and 1.5 for Sunday. We want to bring these closer into line with other industries and have asked for 1.5 and 1.75 respectively.
  2. ENDING Youth Wages - We want to end youth wages for 18 and 19 year olds who currently receive 75% and 85% for all Levels and allow for 16 and 17 year olds only to be paid youth wages, at a higher rate than currently (55% for 16yr), for trainee swim teacher. Once qualified all employees should be PAID THE SAME IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR AGE!
  3. IMPROVED Rates of Pay - at the moment a qualified swim teacher receives $20.20 per hour. The SIA has done extensive market research and believes that the market rate for qualified swim teachers is in excess of $25 per hour. That being said we have been conscious to develop a claim that is sustainable and won't put any centre under pressure and instead are asking for starting rate of $22.50 increasing roughly yearly up to $28.

Over the course of the last week management and SIA representatives from Essendon, Bacchus Marsh, Bendigo, Braybrook, Taylor's Lakes and Parkwood Green have met to discuss management's response to these issues.

Unfortunately as you can see from the PSS response (Click here) many of these issues have so far been overlooked or rejected.

Whilst there have been some improvements such as ending the seasonal contracts and some improvements to payments for qualifications, the offer falls far short of expectations. In relation to the rates of pay many have said that the latest offer from PSS is less than what was previously discussed with rates actually lower (Click here for PSS Rates).


Over the course of the next week the SIA will be meeting with employee groups to discuss the company's response and consider our next steps and a counter proposal. 

The SIA needs your support to get better working conditions. The more employees that stick together and show a united front to the company the better chance we have of getting a fair outcome.

To join the SIA click here or if you would like to discuss organising a meeting with you and others from your site please email or contact Liam O'Brien on 0405 609 728.