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Have you or anyone at your work experience any of the following whilst working in or around the pool?
On average, what are the pH levels at your pool?
On average, what is the Free Chlorine level at your pool?
Has the combined chlorine (or chloromine) at your pool ever been: greater than the free chlorine, or greater than 1 for more than 24 hours?
Do you want the SIA to assist you in improving the Health and Safety at your pool?

Do you work at a swimming pool and want to improve the health and safety standards for

you and your fellow employees? Fill out the form below to get the process started.

The Swim Instructors Association (SIA) has been established by a group of senior swim instructors in conjunction with the Australian Workers’ Union. It was born in response to a number of serious issues of illegal underpayment and allegations of unfair treatment to ensure that instructors, both now and into the future, are treated fairly and given a voice.


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