Launch of the SIA - A Union for Swimming Teachers – A Union for Swim Instructors – powered by the AWU


As you may be aware over the last 18 months many staff have become concerned about their working conditions, in particular the underpayment of wages and the company's plans for a new workplace agreement.

These underpayments, and the determination of a few swim instructors has resulted in large amounts being backpaid to staff – with some employees receiving more than $10,000.

This, combined with attempts by the company to try to implement a new enterprise agreement, which would continue to deny staff basic entitlements such as weekend penalty rates, has led over 100 employees to form a new association, the Swim Instructors Association (SIA), which is supported by the Australian Workers' Union, to ensure that staff are treated fairly into the future and that employees get a good deal on the new workplace agreement (known as an EBA). 



Further underpayments identified 

Over the past few weeks the SIA with the assistance of the Union has conducted an investigation into working conditions and discovered that there may be further underpayments which would see some staff owed large amounts as a result of breaches of the current Agreement (minimum call out and rest breaks).

The Union has written to PSSL to seek that these payments be rectified immediately and will advise employees of progress in this area. If PSSL refuse to rectify these matters appropriately we may make application to the Fair Work Commission to seek for this matter to resolved. 

Getting a good deal on the new EBA

Negotiations are about to kick off for a new EBA with many employees eager to see working conditions improved, such as restoring penalty rates for weekend work and getting a fair pay rate. We are keen to get your feedback and input as to what you want to see improved with the new agreement.

Register to keep up to date with the news

One of the challenges that the Union and staff have encountered is our ability to communicate effectively with a large number of employees who are spread across the country which is why today we are launching a website to ensure that all staff can remain up-to-date with what is going on with the underpayment issues but also the upcoming negotiations for the new workplace agreement.

We encourage all staff to register at to receive updates about what is going on at Paul Sadler. Your details will be kept strictly confidential. 

If you have any questions regarding these matters please do not hesitate in contacting the SIA via email at