Health and Safety Representatives

Become a Health and Safety Rep

Health and Safety Representatives or HSRs are representatives elected by their Designated Work Group (DWG) in order to represent their best interests in matters of health and safety. A DWG is a collective of employees who have similar working conditions and thus, share similar OHS concerns.

In order to nominate an HSR, a DWG must first be established in conjunction with your swim school and all members of the DWG must be given the opportunity to nominate and then vote for their HSR. It is every workers right to request formalised Health & Safety processes in their workplace. Once requested employers have 14 days to act on the request and start the process of establishing DWG's and electing HSR's. SIA Organisers, with the support of the AWU OHS Team, have all the resources and experience you need to support your workplace to implement the structure to improve the health and safety in your workplace.


Once a HSR has been nominated, they are empowered with certain rights in order to promote the interests of their DWG. These include: inspecting areas of the workplace, liaising with management regarding risks and hazards, improving incident reporting processes, and in extreme instances issuing a cease work order.  HSR's may also accompany an inspector on a workplace inspection. Where a HSR is made aware of a risk or hazard which breaches the employers duties under the OHS Act 2004 or Public Health & Wellbeing Regulations, they may work with management to ensure action is taken.



As a HSR you are able to undergo training to support you in your role of representing your fellow employees. Industry specific training, along with general health and safety training will best position you as a HSR to fully and properly represent your fellow employees in all matters of health and safety.

The SIA and HSRs

Given the nature of the industry and the constant exposure to chemicals, both in the plant room and in the water, heat exposure, and manual handling, the SIA encourages all swim schools to establish DWGs and have trained HSRs. To achieve this goal the SIA is committed to supporting its members throughout the whole process, from liaising with management to establishing DWGs, to providing advice and support to HSRs.


The SIA provides HSR training, through the AWU, with components tailored specifically to the swimming industry.