Further underpayments discovered at Paul Sadler Swimland

The Swim Instructors Association along with the AWU has recently written to PSSL management to outline further concerns with how staff are being paid.

During a recent review of employees' rates of pay and conditions it has been revealed that the company has not been accruing and accounting for Long Service Leave (LSL) as well as not providing the minimum call out provisions of three hours pay for each shift worked.

In relation to the LSL your employer is required to provision for LSL for all employees from the day that they commence work. Employees are entitled to access LSL after 10 years service or if they leave employment after 7. We are aware of a number of employees who fit into this category. 

In relation to the 3 hour minimum call out it is required both under the Award and the Enterprise Agreement that employees are to be provided with shifts no shorter than 3 hours in duration. We are aware of numerous occasions where employees are regularly asked to work less than 3 hours (some as little as 1.5hrs). We believe that these employees may be entitled to further payments for each occasion where they worked less than 3 hours.

If you feel you are affected by either of these issues please contact the association for assistance at sia@awu.net.au