Bargaining back and forth

Despite a few false starts it now looks like Paul Sadler Swimland is going to commence negotiations for a new Agreement.

At the 'first' bargaining meeting last month the union and employee representatives raised concerns regarding the type of agreement that was being considered. It had been made clear to staff at some locations that if the majority of employees at a particular site did not approve the agreement they would be removed, this commitment was recorded in various minutes and communications from management at the time.

We have been subsequently informed that this is no longer the case and that PSSL will now be entering into a 'single interest single employer enterprise agreement' (which is very uncommon) which will mean that even if a majority at one site vote against the agreement but a majority of all PSSL employees across Australia vote yes then employees at the site will be forced on to the agreement.

The first proper agreement negotiation session will be held on Wednesday 14 December 2016. At this stage there are representatives from Essendon, Bacchus Marsh, Parkwood Green and the Ausratalian Workers' Union (Swim Instructors' Association) will be in attendance at this meeting.

We will provide an update following this meeting.