Employee Claims - What you asked for!

Yesterday representatives from a number of PSS sites met to discuss ways to improve working conditions for PSS staff in the lead up to the next bargaining meeting with management.

With over 100 staff surveys completed we were able to address most of the concerns that staff have and want to see improved in any new agreement.

Listed below are a few of the main issues that staff have raised. For more information click here for the detailed claim and proposed classification and wage rates.

Penalty Rates BACK and improved for Weekend Work - 1.5 times for Saturday and 1.75 times for Sunday

Improved Wages for Staff - improved wages for each classification including the opportunity for further career progressions. Qualified Teacher rates starting at $22.50

Removal of Youth Wages for Adults and improvements for young workers - 18 and 19 year olds paid the Adult Rate (They are after all adults), with 16 and 17 yr olds paid 80% of the adult wage (currently as low as 55%)

Type of Employment - an end to the seasonal part time role, instead employees will either be part time or casual (with a 25% loading)

Improved Communication - improved arrangements to ensure that staff are consulted about workplace issues that affect them.

These are just some of the issues that have been put forward. For more information click here.


We are also keen to get your feedback - you can email sia@awu.net.au or contact us on Facebook.

This claim will be presented to management at the next meeting on the 16th of January.

Remembers this is just a claim - we need your support! To get involved with the campaign to improve wages and conditions click here or join the Swim Instructors Association - only through working together will we be able to improve things.