About Us

The Swim Instructors Association (SIA) has been established by a group of senior swim instructors in conjunction with the Australian Workers’ Union. It has been done in response to a number of serious issues of illegal underpayment and allegations of unfair treatment to ensure that instructors, both now and into the future, are treated fairly and given a voice.

As many are aware there have been significant underpayment issues at Paul Sadler sites with over $200,000 of wages being identified as owing to current and past employees at the Essendon site alone.

This, along with the proposed enterprise agreement, which would see instructors again denied penalty rates for weekend work along with other concerns that would deprive employees basic Award entitlement (minimum legal conditions) prompted a number of instructors to voice concerns and seek the assistance of the Australian Workers' Union.

With now over 100 members across several Paul Sadler Sites the SIA is actively representing employees interests in pursuing underpayment issues and ensuring that any proposed agreement is up to scratch. The SIA has the backing of a large trade union, the Australian Workers’ Union (AWU), to ensure that members are legally protected and provided the necessary support for issues at work but also for the negotiation of any enterprise agreement. The AWU has over 130 years experience standing up for workers from a wide range of industries and represents over 100,000 members across Australia.

The AWU has agreed that given the special circumstances and hours worked by swim instructors to offer a reduced rate of $4.50 per week, tax deductible for all employees of swim schools. To join the team in making the swimming industry a better place to work (click here).